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Horizon Riders Artwork

We wrote a song for the upcoming documentary, ‘Searching For Skylab‘. It’s called ‘Horizon Riders’. The song will be released soon, and we will have a lot more information on it and the movie we wrote it for in the coming weeks. But in the meantime, here’s the artwork for the single. The song will […]

Troubled City Music Festival

On 29th November 2017, 10 Cent Janes will play at the first ever Troubled City Music Festival with Blue To Black and The Gardenfield. The event will take place at Ponyhof in Sachsenhausen, Frankfurt, and will showcase three unsigned indie bands from the local music scene. Show starts at 20:00. Tickets cost 10€ presale (contact […]

Between Troubled Cities by 10 Cent Janes

The debut album from 10 Cent Janes is now available! Bandcamp: iTunes: Google Play: Amazon (Germany): Spotify: Self-produced and self-recorded, the album is a collection of 9 songs that tell stories of finding one’s identity, dealing with broken relationships, and holding onto hope against the backdrop of modern city life. [bandcamp width=600 […]